Q: Am I still a candidate for Laser Spine Institute’s procedures if I have had previous open spine surgery?

A: Yes. You could be a candidate for Laser Spine Institute procedures if you have had a previous open or traditional spine surgery. A patient’s candidacy is dependent on the prior surgery, pathology and symptoms. Many patients report painful or irritating symptoms after open spine procedures often caused by implanted hardware or a fusion. It is common for traditional spine surgeons to suggest fusing bone and inserting hardware in the spine to relieve back or neck pain. In general, open spine surgery can create a large amount of scar tissue, nerve impingement and general discomfort. Laser Spine Institute minimally invasive procedures can be performed to help alleviate pain from a previous open surgery.

Q: How do I find out if I am a candidate for Laser Spine Institute’s procedures?

A: The first step in determining surgical candidacy at Laser Spine Institute is an MRI or CT scan review. This process entails a detailed analysis of a patient’s images, after which, our board certified physicians correlate the findings with the patient’s reported symptoms. Recent MRIs or CT scans can be mailed or faxed to the address/phone number below for a courtesy review.
Laser Spine Institute 5332 Avion Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33607 Fax # 1-888-558-1435 ( Attention MRI Coordinator)

Q: What are my limitations after laser spine surgery and how long will I be out of work?

A: Each patient is provided with comprehensive post operative care instructions after surgery. In general, we recommend that patients return to normal activities gradually to allow for maximum healing. Patients who have desk jobs can normally return to work within a few days, with some restrictions, while patients with physically strenuous jobs should wait six weeks, depending on the job. Please note that lifting over 10-15 pounds must be avoided for about six weeks post surgery.