Can Yoga Strengthen Your Back?

If you are suffering from severe, chronic back pain, you’re probably all too familiar with the following scenario – a sudden flare-up of pain leaves you unable and unwilling to do much of anything besides lying in bed, resting, and waiting till the pain eases up. But as counter-intuitive as it may sound, did you know that certain gentle exercise regimens may actually benefit those suffering from chronic back or neck pain?

Of course, you should never try any treatment, exercise included, without first consulting with your doctor, but there are a number of low-impact exercises that many patients use to find relief. One of the most popular options is yoga. This ancient form of low-impact exercise emphasizes slow, controlled movements, stretching, and structured breathing, and can be a great way to strengthen your core muscles. This, in turn, can help offer your spine more support, potentially helping minimize your pain and other symptoms. And yoga can offer these benefits with a much lower risk of causing injury or painful flare-ups, since the exercises are usually very gentle and can be performed without much exertion.

To learn more about yoga and whether it may be beneficial for you, speak with your doctor today. Also, for additional treatment tips from other back and neck pain sufferers, visit the Laser Spine Institute Facebook page today. Our users frequently discuss what exercises and other treatment options have worked for them.


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