New findings on back pain for active-duty military

New findings on back pain for active-duty militaryAn ongoing military study sponsored by the Department of Defense, the Millennium Cohort Study — which evaluates the health of service personnel during and after their service — shows that those who were deployed and in combat were 38 percent more likely to report back pain than noncombat soldiers.

According to the study, “activities during deployment that may increase the risk for back pain include driving specialized vehicles, long and frequent flying hours, wearing of body armor, or carrying heavy loads.” Back pain has also been shown to increase the risk of distress, anxiety, depression and other psychological stressors.

The study notes that certain occupational activities have been associated with back pain, such as:

  • Physical strain
  • Frequent lifting
  • Postural stress

While these factors can cause chronic spine conditions among people of all occupations, Laser Spine Institute is proud to help our military personnel who may be seeking neck or back pain relief.

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