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Laser Spine Institute Reviews from Past Patients

Karen Speicher Patient Review Karen Speicher knew it was time to call Laser Spine Institute to inquire about its minimally invasive spine surgery when her current surgeon told her she had to wait until she was wheelchair-bound before seeking help. Forgoing her life wasn’t an option for Karen. After her surgery with Laser Spine Institute, Karen was shocked to find that she was pain free. More than a year later, Karen is able to experience life again. She urgently pleads with others suffering from chronic neck or back pain to not wait to get their lives back and call Laser Spine Institute. Read the rest of Karen’s review.

George Marek Patient ReviewGeorge Marek dealt with debilitating back pain for more than a year. Prior to his pain, he worked as a civil engineer and raised six children with his wife, Becky. Once his back pain set in, George found himself having to drag his left foot to get around. Finally, he came to Laser Spine Institute for his minimally invasive spine surgery. Now, he is fully recovered and back to living life with his wife and children. Read the rest of George’s review.

Cheryl Harper Patient ReviewCheryl Harper spent more than 25 years dealing with chronic back pain after a tragic car accident. In an effort to find relief from her pain, she tried several types of conservative treatment that proved unsuccessful. Tired of missing out on her life, she decided to call Laser Spine Institute. Six years after surgery, Cheryl is still living life to its fullest. Read the rest of Cheryl’s review.

John Ziegler Patient ReviewJohn Ziegler was in his early 20s when his back pain started. Over time, his chronic back pain escalated exponentially due to work-related injuries and caring for his disabled brother. Physicians and surgeons agreed that John’s odds of recovering from his back pain seated around 50 percent. They suggested he consider a surgical option when he could no longer move. Waiting until back pain halted his life wasn’t something in which John was interested. He contacted Laser Spine Institute to learn more about their minimally invasive spine surgeries. After his surgery with Laser Spine Institute, John couldn’t quit smiling for two weeks because of the relief he felt. Read the rest of John’s review.

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