Exercising. Eating right. Keeping up with the latest in spine health. How many of these do you really do on a regular basis? In today’s busy world, sticking to a healthy routine isn’t so easy anymore. Hectic schedules quickly add up to not-so-healthy habits and a whole lot of stress. That’s why Laser Spine Institute has created this online resource dedicated to the overall health and wellness of your spine.

Think of this website as your “go-to” guide for getting the spine health and wellness information you need at a time that’s convenient for you. From healthy recipes you can make at home and simple stretches you can do to minimize your neck or back pain, to staying motivated when you feel like throwing in the towel, Laser Spine Institute Wellness is the place to go.

Whether you like to golf, garden, take long walks with loved ones or go on shopping sprees with your closest friends, you know that feeling good is a necessary part of enjoying these activities. When neck or back pain enters the mix, these things we love to do can quickly become overwhelming burdens. As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, Laser Spine Institute has helped more than 50,000 patients get back to doing the things they love. And with quicker recovery times than traditional open back surgeries, 98 percent of them say they’d recommend us to a friend, family member or co-worker.