4 activities to help with spinal stenosis

Senior couple on country bike rideThe bright and shining sun peeking through the curtains is begging you to come outside and bask in its glorious warmth. You want to give in and embrace the warm outdoors, but your ailing back halts your decision. You think: I better not do anything that might aggravate my back pain. I’ll just stay inside.
Actually, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst things that you can do for your back. Low-impact exercises help reduce, or even eliminate back pain brought on by spinal stenosis. So if you feel the urge to go outside and just be active, try some of these spinal stenosis friendly exercises to keep you moving:

Get your stretch on. Grab a beach towel or yoga mat and head outside to your porch or yard and just stretch. Proper stretching can help reduce back pain. Remember, regular stretching should be a precursor to any sort of physical exertion. Stretching increases your muscle flexibility and helps prevent injury.

Ride a bike. Getting your heart rate up can be difficult if you suffer from spinal stenosis. Biking is an excellent low-impact exercise to increase your daily cardio while not putting additional strain on your spine. You can bike in the great outdoors or opt for a stationary bike.

Hit the pool. Few things are better than jumping into a pool of cool water to wash away the heat of summer. Swimming is a great low-impact exercise to get you moving during the day. Swimming allows you to get in your cardio without taxing your joints or aggravating your spinal stenosis. The cool water may also help to reduce inflammation.
Try some Tai Chi. If you find that stress is prevalent in your life, it may be time to introduce some Zen into your day. Tai Chi helps to reduce back pain through improving flexibility and posture. It incorporates three components: movement, meditation and breathing. So, take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax.

Walk it out. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply take a walk. Set out for leisurely stroll. Exercise helps keep your back pain at bay by helping to strengthen your muscles. Walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that you can do anywhere – even in the comfort of your own home!
Just because you suffer from spinal stenosis doesn’t mean you have to camp out in bed all day. Try some of these activities and see if your pain starts to diminish.


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