Three Halloween traditions that can cause back pain

Three Halloween traditions that can cause back pain FBMissing your favorite festivities wouldn’t be the best Halloween treat — especially with a spine-tingling injury. While tingling, numbness and other painful symptoms can indicate a problem in your neck or back, our safety tips for Halloween should scare off your chance of getting hurt.

Beware of which Halloween traditions can cause neck or back pain, and what you can do to prevent it:

Picking the perfect pumpkin

There may be a lot riding on that jack-o’-lantern contest, but the link between lifting pumpkins and back pain can be dangerous. Without a proper lifting technique, you put yourself at risk for pulling muscles, spraining ligaments or worse — herniating a disc. Pumpkin picking is serious business, and with these tips in mind, you can bring your A-game to snag your prized pumpkin:

  • To lift a heavy pumpkin squat down, grip your pumpkin and straighten your legs to lift
  • Bring a friend to help you lift and transport your pumpkins
  • Use a wagon or dolly to tote your pumpkins back to the car

Crafting crazy costumes

It’s easy to go overboard in any Halloween aisle, and that custom outfit has to impress on the spookiest night of the year. But even with the perfect Halloween mask, be careful not to blind yourself to the risk of spinal injury by wearing the wrong attire:

  • Make sure your mask promotes full visibility of your surroundings to avoid accidents
  • Substitute heavy costume props with lighter imitations to take stress off your spine
  • Wear shoes with good treads to prevent a slip-and-fall injury

Shelling out sweet treats

They come in droves — groups of mini superheroes, cartoon characters and others, all eying the cauldron of treats at your front door. You may not think you’re hurting your neck each time you answer the door, but constantly looking down puts added pressure on your cervical spine. When your doorbell rings this Halloween, try switching up your trick-or-treat technique:

  • Squat down to hand out candy instead of hunching over
  • Have a porch party with your neighbors and hand out candy while sitting
  • Place the bowl of candy on a festive table to let kids choose their own treat

This Halloween is sure to be spooktacular, especially with these spine pain prevention tips under your belt (or superhero cape). Be sure to contact Laser Spine Institute if chronic neck or back pain is still creeping into your fall festivities — you may be able to find lasting relief with our minimally invasive spine procedures.


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