CRNA flies American flag for Laser Spine Institute while deployed

Laser Spine Institute FlagLaser Spine Institute Nurse Anesthesiologist Josh Wolf recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. As a member of the Army Reserve and having served two tours in Afghanistan, Josh understands the importance of holidays such as Memorial Day.

“The freedom we have today comes with a price,” he shared.

Josh served in Operation Enduring Freedom as a CRNA on the Forward Surgical Team. He was the only CRNA on duty while in Afghanistan. He and his team were tasked with providing medical care to injured troops.

“We were there to control damage and resuscitate the troops and prepare them for the hospital when they were injured,” he recalled. “Because of our location, our troops were able to receive care almost immediately.”

He decided to join the Army Reserves because he wanted to give back to his country. CRNAs are in short supply, so Josh’s skills left him well equipped to assist the troops during his deployment.

“I knew I was doing the right thing because I was helping soldiers get back to their kids,” said Josh, a husband and father of three.

FlagAfter he returned from Afghanistan, he presented Laser Spine Institute CEO Bill Horne and President and COO Dotty Bollinger with an American flag that was flown specifically for Laser Spine Institute.

Josh had the flag flown for Laser Spine Institute as a way to say thank you for the “tremendous support” he received from his teammates while on deployment.

“I thought it would be meaningful to fly a flag in Laser Spine Institute’s honor,” he shared. “The flag was flown over the compound. I have a signed certificate that says the flag was flown for Laser Spine Institute.”

In the spirit of Memorial Day, Josh and Laser Spine Institute urge people to remember the sacrifice that many have made for our freedom.

“Thank you to all who have served in our military, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice,” Josh said.


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