Help us celebrate Doctors Day!

dr-perryWe love our doctors at Laser Spine Institute. Not only do we love our surgeons, anesthesiologists and physicians, but our patients do too.  At Laser Spine Institute, our patients proudly report a patient satisfaction score of 96 percent with 97 percent of patients saying they would refer family and friends.

“Everyone there cared for me as the patient, and my mom as the caregiver,” former Laser Spine Institute patient Breanne said. “If the medical industry would adopt one thing that Laser Spine Institute does, the whole industry would be revolutionized.”

Laser Spine Institute doctors don’t focus simply on the medical care of patients. Rather, every member of Laser Spine Institute is a caregiver, working to create a Culture of Care to empower patients to make the best decisions for their health needs.

“My experience was brilliant,” said George, a former Laser Spine Institute patient. “The level of care, education and courtesy was amazing. I put a lot of effort into understanding what my problems were. I learned a bunch at Laser Spine Institute.”

Laser Spine Institute’s Culture of Care starts with educating patients about their choices in a way that will bring a smile to their face.

“I try to laugh with them. A lot of patients are trying to decide if Laser Spine Institute is the right option for them,” said Laser Spine Institute Consult Physician Dr. Michelle Briscoe. “I try to explain what is going on when reviewing their MRI to ease their mind and answer their questions. I educate them so they know what is going on in their body.”

Our goal as the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery is to listen to our patients. This helps Laser Spine Institute physicians to more accurately pinpoint problematic areas within the spine.

“That’s the reason I’m here,” Laser Spine Institute Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Jed Weber said. “Laser Spine Institute focuses on treating the patient, not the MRI. Here, we ask the patient where they feel the pain.”

It’s not just the physicians that have the patients’ wellbeing in mind, though. Every teammate at Laser Spine Institute is devoted to delivering the highest quality of care to patients.

“My favorite part about working at Laser Spine Institute is by far the people,” Laser Spine Institute Consult physician Dr. John Spallino shared. “I’ve never been in a place where everyone has the same goal – to get the patient better.”

This Doctors Day, we want to thank all of our surgeons, anesthesiologists and physicians for their hard work and dedication to patient care. Your commitment to patient-centered care and medical innovation has helped more than 40,000 people find relief from chronic neck or back pain and get their lives back.


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