Laser Spine Institute Employee Sandra: “I build relationships”

Sandra-WilliamsSandra, who has been married to her husband Larry for 33 years, understands the importance of commitment, love and support. It is with that mindset that she approaches her position as Patient Care Coordinator at Laser Spine Institute. Sandra, who has worked for Laser Spine Institute for 10 months, values building relationships with her patients.

Find out more about Sandra and her job in this Q&A:

What do you do at Laser Spine Institute?

I talk to patients and build relationships. I take calls and help change patients’ lives. I try to get them to our facility for a consultation or surgery. I schedule them for surgery at all of our facilities. When the patients come to Tampa, I go over to our surgery center to meet them – what a joy!

What’s the best part about working for Laser Spine Institute?

I love everything! The best part is the people who work for Laser Spine Institute. They are all so dedicated and willing to help. My favorite thing is going to meet my patients at the surgery center. I have built a relationship with the patient and to finally meet them and see how happy they are after the surgery is great.

I also love the open door policy. I can walk into our COO Dotty Bollinger’s office or CEO Bill Horne’s office any time I want to have a conversation. Management listens to your suggestions and will implement them if it’s in the best interest to the company.

What are some of your favorite patient stories?

I think one of my favorite patients just left about a week ago. She was a comedian. She had two surgeries with us in a matter of two weeks. We immediately clicked on our first conversation. I try to give everyone I talk to hope.


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