Laser Spine Institute Employee Sandy: “This place is not like any company I’ve ever worked for”

sandy-sheaSandy Shea, Mail Specialist at Laser Spine Institute, works tirelessly to support the more than 600 individuals employed by the company. Despite the fact that she has an impact on almost every patient, most people never even realize that she’s there.

“I open, sort and deliver mail to the different departments that it needs to go to,” Shea said.

I’m like one of the people behind the scenes that helps people to get their lives back.”

Laser Spine Institute is unique in the way it treats both its patients and employee.

“This place is not like any company I’ve ever worked for,” she said.

Shea admires the company’s dedication to its core values. Laser Spine Institute developed its core values based on the feedback of its employees. We affectionately refer to our core values as CHOICE, an acronym for Care, Have fun, One team, Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.

The core values were decided on through a company-wide survey, where Laser Spine Institute employees relayed to the executive team important values that they held dear both personally and professionally. The executive team decided to adopt these values as a benchmark for all things Laser Spine Institute.

The core values also reflect the executive team’s desire to create a positive work environment for its employees – something Shea believes is integral to Laser Spine Institute’s dedication to patient care.

“They are constantly trying to make it a better place to work, and I think it reflects in employees’ attitudes. The patients will say, ‘Oh, I’m treated so nice here.’ So, it’s a trickle-down effect.”


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