Laser Spine Institute is proud to announce the promotion of Dr. Mark Flood to Chief of Surgical Innovation

In announcing the promotion, Dotty Bollinger, Chief Operating Officer said, “Dr. Flood’s important and growing role in minimally invasive spine surgery, including minimally invasive stabilization, means that we can better facilitate the increased number of patients who seek options for relief from excruciating neck and back pain.”

In addition to his tremendous work in minimally invasive stabilization, Dr. Flood pioneered RegenaDISC® – a revolutionary stem cell treatment for spinal disc regeneration that is now available to Laser Spine Institute patients. An alternative to stand-alone removal of a herniated disc through open back surgery or other methods, Dr. Flood’s RegenaDISC® procedure stimulates the patient’s repairing disc to return to its original spongy qualities through regeneration.

In his first solo practice, Dr. Flood provided comprehensive spine surgery treatment for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine. By 2003, he expanded the scope of his practice, initiating his second solo practice in Austin, Texas. Just three years later, Dr. Flood merged two of his areas of expertise and became the director and a founding member of the Center for Spinal Disorders and Pediatric Orthopedics in Mesa, Arizona. During this time, he also served as the director for the Pediatric Orthopedic Division of Banner Children’s Hospital in Mesa. He joined Laser Spine Institute’s talented team of surgeons in 2008, and complements his successful career, by continuously engaging in research, writing and presentations to respected medical affiliates.

Laser Spine Institute congratulates Dr. Flood on his outstanding achievements and would like to thank him for helping patients experience a better quality of life through optimal surgical outcomes.


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