Laser Spine Institute Launches Physician Relations Department

If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from chronic back or neck pain, you’ve likely worked with your doctor to create a treatment plan that contains any of a number of conservative, nonsurgical options. From pain medication and hot/cold therapy to physical therapy and low-impact exercise, there are a number of treatments out there that offer many patients significant relief.

However, if you’ve failed to ease your pain after weeks or months of conservative treatment, the question becomes – what now? Many patients are left with the prospect of open spine surgery as a last resort for finding meaningful pain relief, but are concerned about the risks associated with these procedures. That’s why Laser Spine Institute is proud to offer minimally invasive procedures that are the safe, effective alternative to open spine surgery. Our procedures have helped tens of thousands of patients find relief from chronic back or neck pain. But how do you go about beginning the discussion with your doctor about undergoing an minimally invasive procedure?

To answer this question, Laser Spine Institute is proud to announce the creation of our new Physician Relations Department. Serving as a resource of comprehensive information about our programs and services that your doctor can tap into, this new department will establish relationships with doctors in the community.

Laser Spine Institute is seeking to build partnerships that will help patients receive the best possible diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care.

“Back and neck pain is an ailment shared by close to 65 million Americans and is the number one complaint of patients to their doctors,” said Clint Borm, director of Physician Relations at Laser Spine Institute. “By building loyal relationships, Laser Spine Institute will be able to educate those doctors about our minimally invasive options and ensure a coordinated approach to their patient’s surgical experience, pre- and post-operatively.”

For more information, medical professionals can connect with our new Physician Relations Department at Furthermore, as a patient, be sure to visit the Laser Spine Institute Facebook page where you can interact with other individuals who are in situations similar to yours. By connecting with those around us, whether they are fellow doctors or fellow pain sufferers, we can all get the help and support we need.


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