Laser Spine Institute Spotlight: Patient Coordinators – Kenneth Hopkins

For a man recently engaged and promoted to the position of Sr. Patient Coordinator at Laser Spine Institute, Kenneth Hopkins is surprisingly sworn to the basics. His hallmark, beyond the unambiguous language, is a willingness to embrace the realities of life’s little obstacles. His phone conversation with a patient this day is part synopsis of his true-life story and full affirmation of his belief in Laser Spine Institute. “At your age, sir, it is not recommended,” Kenneth remarks. And without having clear context about what it was that Kenneth was not recommending, it was evident that he was speaking from a place of principle. You could tell by his tone that he cared and could sense in his candor that his advice was genuine.

It wasn’t that long ago that Kenneth lost his father – a man who endured two failed surgeries from open back procedures and eventually lost his fight to an infection that took hold. “I’ve seen the down side to some open procedures,” Kenneth says, “and I believe the minimally invasive method that we offer is a better fit for many people.” He continues, “Every person I talk to could be someone’s father and I want to educate them about our procedures and give them a chance to share their story.”

When asked about his drive to press forward each day he responds with the single word, “outcomes.” “Numbers speak volumes,” Kenneth says, “and when you look at the outcomes, it’s easy to see that we {Laser Spine Institute} are the best available option in the realm of spine surgery today.” A football fan and native of Detroit, Kenneth’s high point this year arrived in a fitting fashion. A known receiver from the Detroit Lions called Kenneth for help and Kenneth was ecstatic to deliver. “All my patients are important,” says Kenneth, “and it’s rewarding to see results in every single one of them.” “But to see one of the players I grew up watching in a compromised position from pain, I felt a significant amount of joy in knowing I had some part in helping him return to good health.” When asking Kenneth about his recent promotion and the qualities needed to achieve it, he offers a humble response. “Ideas.” says Kenneth. “I’m an ideas man, but without the support of this company and the leaders who are receptive to patient feedback, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in.” Short of waking to the sound of his two lovable and howling beagles each morning, Kenneth looks forward to each new day, as it brings him yet another opportunity to change someone’s life.


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