Laser Spine Institute says Thank a nurse today!

Happy National Nurses Day! Those who have decided to go into nursing have committed to caring for others in both happy and trying times. Their goal is to ensure patients receive optimal care. We love our nurses, and so do our patients.

Nurses have an amazing ability to dictate if you have a good or bad experience at a doctor’s office, hospital or ambulatory surgical center such as Laser Spine Institute. They can calm your fears, hold your hand when times are tough or celebrate in joy with you.

Our nurses love Laser Spine Institute patients and want to see them find relief from neck and back pain. Some, like lead medical assistant and Nurse Tonya, are advocates for Laser Spine Institute and potential patients even outside of work. She tells people “to choose Laser Spine Institute because you get results.” Not only does she want people to get the best results, she wants to have a hand in their recovery process.

“I want patients to come in and get better,” she said. “We may not be able to make it 100 percent better, but we can make it better.”

Tonya finds joy in helping patients – so much so that she would call Laser Spine Institute her favorite job to date.
“This place is remarkable. It’s the only place I’ve worked that I really enjoy,” she said.

Part of what makes Laser Spine Institute an enjoyable environment for both patients and employees is its ONE TEAM mentality. Tonya is one of the teammates patients meet when they visit Laser Spine Institute.

“When they come to see me, I am helping start that process of getting their lives back,” she said.

Our nurses work hard to make sure our patients feel cared for, as do many other nurses around the world. If you know a nurse or see one at an appointment today, take a moment to say thank you. If you’re a nurse, we thank you for all your hard work!


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