We love our nurses!

Stacy Danahy-R_July2012_CYMKOur nurses at Laser Spine Institute are phenomenal. They continually find ways to showcase the core values of Laser Spine Institute. The month of May honors the hard work and dedication given by so many nurses. We appreciate all of our Laser Spine Institute nurses! Stacy Danahy took some time to share with us how great of an impact nurses have on our patients. Read her story:

Stacy has been a part of the Laser Spine Institute team since the beginning. She was there before we officially developed our core values, but that doesn’t mean that each teammate didn’t live them out daily.

Formerly a Registered Nurse and now an Enterprise Infection Preventionist and Quality Assurance, Laser Spine Institute’s core values are part of the very fabric of her being.

“My favorite value is ‘Commitment,’” she shared. “You have to be committed in what you do to make a difference. If you follow the commitment, all of the values fall into place. It’s not about one department, it’s about every department. If you’re committed, it’s easy to live every one of our values.”

Stacy worked in the clinic for several years before transitioning to her new role. In her time there, Stacy witnessed many ways that nurses can impact a patient’s life. Most notably was when Stacy and her team were able to identify when the husband of a patient was experiencing symptoms that alerted the nursing staff to call an ambulance. He was rushed to the ER with a life-threatening condition.

The patient was still recovering from surgery, so Stacy called the ER for frequent updates regarding the husband. Stacy and her team were the only support system that both the patient and her husband had until family could arrive.

“I was at the hospital every day for almost two weeks to visit,” she remembered. “She called about a year later around Thanksgiving to tell me that she was thankful for Laser Spine Institute – for the care we provided. We all lived out the values. It wasn’t my responsibility to go there, but I chose to.”

It’s because of situations like this that Stacy believes that Laser Spine Institute’s culture sets it apart from other companies.

“I know that I believe in the product we offer our patients,” she shared. “What we do for our employees, for our patients – you don’t find that everywhere. I sleep very well knowing I work for an organization that has values.”

Find a nurse today and thank them for all their hard work and let them know you appreciate them.


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