A Healthy Lifestyle Can Prevent Chronic Pain: Try a Holiday Routine

The holidays are a particularly hard time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With big family dinners, holiday parties packed with sugary sweets, and other unhealthy temptations at every turn, it’s easy to get off track. Aside from the negative impact on your overall health and well-being, an unhealthy diet can aggravate for your chronic back or neck pain.

Dr. Jeremy James of Aspen Back and Body, a subsidiary of Laser Spine Institute, offered some tips to help you keep a healthy routine during the holiday season:


“With the holidays fast approaching, we must all try hard to stay on a healthy routine,” Dr. James says. “We tend to splurge a bit this time of year, but following a few simple guidelines will keep these small discretions from taking a toll on your health.”


Here are the tips Dr. James suggests you follow:




Since you will undoubtedly be taking in a few more calories than usual, don’t skimp on the exercise. Make sure to do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, five days per week. If possible, try to alternate your exercise routines between cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Building lean muscle will help you absorb those extra calories.

If you are going to drink alcohol, try to limit your consumption to one drink per day.

Avoid smoking cigarettes.

Try to keep to a healthy diet as much as possible. A healthy diet is high in fiber, with six servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Eat red meat sparingly, and avoid eating processed meat if possible. Try to take in only 30 percent of your calories from fat.

Watch that waist! Abdominal fat has been correlated with many serious diseases. Men should have a waist size no bigger than 40 inches, and women no bigger than 34 inches. Remember, these are just guidelines.

Do you have any helpful tips that you’ve used in years past to make it through the holiday season healthily – yet still happily? If so, be sure to share your advice with other users on the Laser Spine Institute Facebook page. Join the conversation to help each other keep a healthy routine during the holiday season and manage chronic back pain.


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