Holiday Travel? Stretch Your Legs to Relieve Lower Back Pain

It’s the dreaded holiday travel scenario if you’re suffering from chronic low back pain: You find yourself in cramped quarters or passing time on long flights and your lower back pain symptoms worsen. But what can you do to help keep your holiday travel experience pain-free?

While it might seem like  common knowledge, remember this essential airline travel tip on your next flight: Take some time to walk around and stretch your legs and arms once every hour. Getting up to walk around and stretch can do wonders when you’re trying to avoid a flare-up of your chronic pain on a cross-country flight. That’s because stretching increases blood flow, elongates muscles to promote flexibility and can keep your back and leg muscles limber, all of which can help prevent your chronic back pain from turning your flight into a nightmare. It’s important to plan ahead; try to find an aisle seat so you won’t have to bother those sitting near you. And be sure to stand up only when the “fasten seatbelt” sign is turned off by the captain.
You don’t have to experience pain during your holiday travels. Instead, follow this simple tip to stretch often, and keep this winter season happy and pain-free. What other tips do you have for managing chronic pain while traveling? Engage with other users on the Laser Spine Institute Facebook page and share your helpful advice. Together, we can all enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season.


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