Laser Spine Institute Acquires Aspen Back and Body

Laser Spine Institute’s goal to be the world leader in spine care is not just wishful thinking.  It’s our compelling vision for revolutionizing the spine care industry that has energized our company at every level and motivated us to pursue lofty standards of service and quality.

To this end, I am pleased to announce the acquisition of Aspen Back and Body, a widely recognized spine care brand.  Aspen Back and Body has assembled a loyal following of thousands of clients looking for solutions to back and neck pain.  ABB clients travel great distances – typically more than 500 miles – to take advantage of their unique “spine fitness” program offering, designed to  assess and improve spine-related muscle strength, alignment, flexibility, as well as enhance general wellness.

This new non-surgical capability extends the portfolio of services we provide and broadens the range of patients we can serve. In addition to the strong services opportunity ABB represents, the acquisition also brings a spine care product portfolio.  This is an exciting development, one that will allow us to help many more folks!

To our patients – thank you for choosing Laser Spine Institute and continuously recommending our services.


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