An easy way to drink more water

We all know water is good for you; it regulates many functions in the body and keeps the discs hydrated in your spine. But it can be difficult to make water your first choice when it seems boring and plain compared to soda and other flavored drinks. Most popular beverages have sweeteners and additives to keep them fresh, such as phosphoric acid, which can block calcium absorption and cause weak and brittle bones.

Want a way to drink your water and enjoy it too? Try infusing your water with fruit.

Anti-inflammatory fruit infused water

Feel free to use any fruit and fresh herbs you wish. To get a fizz fix you can even add seltzer water. Here are some tasty combinations:

  • Blackberry mint
  • Lemon raspberry
  • Ginger lime
  • Orange guava
  • Blueberry pineapple

You will need:

  • Pitcher or glass
  • Spoon or stirring spatula
  • Your choice of fruit and herbs
  • Ice, water and/or seltzer

You can make infused water in a large pitcher or in the glass you want to drink from. Pack a quarter-to-half the container with your chosen fruits and or herbs. Depending on how intense you want your infusion to be, you can crush or “muddle” the ingredients to bring out more flavor.

Add water to your container to fill it the rest of the way. You can let the infused water cool in the fridge while the flavors develop for 2-24 hours, or just add some ice if you’re thirsty now.

The ingredients can be used with new water to infuse a second time, but the flavor will not be as strong. Once infused strain the solids out of the drink and keep the liquid for 3-4 days


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