Balance life with a pain-friendly hobby

Balance life with a pain-friendly hobbyChronic pain, especially symptoms caused by a spine condition, can put you on the sidelines of your own life. It can strain relationships, make it hard to get through a day of work and keep you from activities that once brought you joy.

Having your life disrupted by pain can be frustrating, but there are still plenty of ways to have fun. While you may be staying off the golf course or hiking trail, there are pain-friendly hobbies you can try that are less physically taxing and just as enjoyable.

Starting a new hobby doesn’t just distract you from the pain — activities that reduce stress, promote relaxation and have a meditative quality can potentially provide a therapeutic boost. Taking up, or reconnecting with, one of the following hobbies can offer relaxation and fun while helping your holistic treatment plan.

Unleash your inner artist

Painting, drawing, needlework and even coloring can be great activities for someone with neck and back pain. Arts and crafts have a low physical impact, so there is little chance of them putting a strain on your condition. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that hospitalized patients who engaged in art therapy enjoyed a reduction in perceived pain and anxiety.

Art can also be a fantastic way to spend quality time with the people you love. From taking a painting class with your spouse or friends to coloring with the kids, engaging your creative side while you socialize can offer a tremendous boost to your well-being. You can also share the wealth of your new-found hobby by giving your work of art to someone as a gift.

Make a joyful noise

Like the visual arts, music is a fun activity that also offers potential therapeutic benefits for battling neck or back pain. While the learning curve can be a little steeper than just sitting down and drawing, making your own music can be a deeply satisfying experience.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, or find out how much of those childhood piano lessons you’ve retained, consider making music a part of your life. You can also join a community or church choir if singing is your thing. When practicing or performing, be sure to take frequent breaks and always practice good posture to limit excessive strain on your neck or back.

Hobbies to get you moving

Neck or back pain can limit your activity level, but it’s still important to stay active. Being overly sedentary can weaken the spine’s supporting muscles and potentially worsen your condition. Fortunately, there are some pain-friendly hobbies that also double as low-impact exercise.

Practicing yoga in combination with meditation can offer a wide range of benefits. The gentle movements of yoga can promote body awareness and help strengthen your core, while meditation can help you quiet your mind and relax the body.

If performed carefully, gardening is yet another hobby that can help both the mind and body in the fight against pain. To lessen the impact on your spine, use longer-handled equipment, a kneeling stool and any other necessary implements while tending to your garden. Additionally, gardening can offer the added benefit of contributing to a healthy and nutritious diet.

Always stay spine healthy

No matter what your favorite hobby is, there are always some basic things you can do to remain as spine-healthy as possible. This includes practicing proper posture, taking regular breaks and listening to your body. If you are performing a physical activity, it is generally recommended to warm up with some gentle stretching and a quick walk to get your blood pumping and your muscles loose. Consult your doctor regarding how much movement and exercise is right for you and your condition.

At Laser Spine Institute, we believe a well-rounded lifestyle and balanced treatment plan is an essential part of finding the lasting pain relief you deserve. Our caring team is always here to help you learn more about the available treatments for your condition. We happily offer a free MRI review* to determine if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures.


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