Beat the heat with these hot summer workout tips

You’ve stayed true to your resolutions to work out consistently, and your body has definitely thanked you for your service. But now it’s summer, and the excuses to skip your daily routine are quickly mounting up. It’s just too hard to pound the pavement during the hot summer months. You also have too many activities to take part in, like the office picnic, park day with your kids or a BBQ with your friends. Workouts just don’t seem to make the cut.

It’s important to maintain your workouts throughout summer. You don’t have to work out for two hours every day. How about a 30-minute workout? You can fit that in.

Check out these tips to keep you cool during your summer workouts:

Start early. It’s no secret that the summer months tend to be the hottest time of the year. So take advantage of the early morning sunrise and get your workout in early. That extra hour of sleep may sound appealing, but the added heat later in the day will have you regretting your decision to sleep in.

Don’t forget your morning coffee. Some people don’t function in the morning without caffeine, and why should you? Some caffeine can help energize you during your workout. Drinking coffee one hour prior to your workout may help to increase your endurance level, too. Coffee is also a natural diuretic, so make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Take a shower. Here’s an idea: cool down before you get all hot and sweaty. Before you throw on your running shoes, hop in a cold shower. The cold shower will help to lower your body temperature and keep you cool longer during your workout. If you have long hair, leave it wet and put it up. The wet hair will help to keep you cool during your workout.

Slow it down. If you’re exercising outside, you may need to slow down the pace of your routine. Consider circuit training, which allows you to shift gears every couple of minutes. Also, remember that it is OK to take a break if you feel yourself getting overheated.

Move inside. The summer months offer the perfect opportunity for you to test that new gym you’ve been eying and move your workouts inside. If you’re tight on cash and a gym membership isn’t in the budget, try some fitness DVDs.

Drink a lot. Regardless of whether you work out two hours per day or 20 minutes per day, it’s important to make sure you are staying hydrated. It is recommended you drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water per day to stay adequately hydrated.


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