Decorating for the holidays in Florida without back pain

Decorating for the holidays in Florida without back pain

The good news about spending the holidays in Florida: there’s no need to climb up on the roof to clear snow and melting ice from the gutters, or wait for the street sweeper so that you can drive to the store for a last-minute can of cranberry sauce. The tradeoff? There are no changing leaves or shimmering white snowbanks to set the stage, so some creative trimmings may be needed to help get your family into the holiday spirit. But how do you conquer seasonal decor when you’re dealing with back pain? Read on for our top tips.

Tip # 1 — Pick small pieces with a big impact. Thanks to inspiration magazines and websites, it can be easy to get carried away with ideas. A dozen light-up reindeer and a sled full of toys on your roof? Why not? (Let us count the reasons…) Instead of going all-out with extravagant décor, focus on a few key items instead. Consider lighted twinkle netting to drape over short bushes (you won’t have to bend over to drape individual lighted strands across the branches), a few strands of tinsel or evergreen garland, and a seasonal wreath that can be swapped out in seconds.

Tip #2 — Consider getting help. Throughout the holiday season, both kids and adults are often looking to earn a few extra dollars for presents. Ask neighbors, coworkers and friends if they know of anybody who might be interested in taking on a small seasonal decorating project – avoiding unnecessary back pain can be well worth the cost of a few hours of handyman help.

Decorating for the holidays in Florida without back painTip #3 — Think “palm tree” instead of “pine tree”. There’s no way around it: setting up a Christmas tree is a lot of labor. Whether you opt for a real tree (hoisting 70+ plus pounds on top of your car, then dragging it inside) or an artificial one (reaching up and down every time you need to put a new set of branches in place), there’s plenty of potentially painful motion involved. A simple solution that works for many Florida homeowners? Thinking outside the box (or, in this case, outside the house), and decorating a palm tree instead. Many Florida homes already feature palm trees as part of their landscaping. Adding a few lights and ornaments takes only a few minutes and can save plenty of hassle.

Of course, there are some holiday traditions that just can’t be altered – no matter how you’re feeling physically. If you’ve been living with severe neck or back pain that hasn’t improved with conservative treatments, Laser Spine Institute may be able to help. We offer minimally invasive spine procedures for a range of spine conditions, and have helped thousands of patients reclaim their lives from chronic pain. To learn more, contact Laser Spine Institute of Tampa, Florida today.


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