Farewell Fat: Beating the football season weight gain

It’s finally football season – a time celebrated for team spirit, good food and togetherness. Football season also brings with it the possibility of weight gain thanks to tailgating and superb eats and increased alcohol consumption. So how do keep the pounds off during this season? Check out these tips:

Make it a game. Although watching the big game is entertaining enough, you can amp up your excitement by making a game of the TV-watching event. We’re not talking about placing a bet. It’s time to get your workout on. Develop an exercise game based around the game. For example, every touchdown would require you to do 25 pushups and a field goal would equal 20 crunches. You can even extend the game to include commercials. Say, 30 jumping jacks per beer commercial? Forget complacent game watching, make the exercise game a competition between you and your friends!

Go low fat. Football games and high-calorie foods seem to be synonymous with each other. Pizza, hot wings and chips and dip top the list of favorite football foods. Cut some calories by opting for low fat recipes. For example, choose baked Buffalo wings or cauliflower pizza. If you’re looking for an easy, low-carb delight, try serving deviled eggs made with low fat mayo. It’ll be a crowd pleaser and no one will spot the difference. You can also opt for some fruit and veggie trays in place of chips and dip. You’ll cut calories and get your fruit and veggie serving for the day.

Skip the alcohol. Beer is a staple at many football parties, but the beverage is also packed with a high calorie content and little nutritional value. Consuming alcohol also encourages over eating. Skip the alcohol altogether – if you dare! Otherwise, opt for low fat and low carb alcoholic beverages and remember to practice moderation.

Take it to the grill. You can create some great healthier football-style food on the grill. Try grilling up some turkey burgers or chicken. You can also grill veggies such as corn on the cob, peppers and onions. Perhaps, some kabobs? Stack a protein with some grilled fruits and vegetables and you have an easy football meal.

Get in a workout. If you know that you’re going to indulge during the football game, make time to get a workout in that morning. Make sure to get in some good cardio and strength building time to help offset the calories you will consume later.

Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy being with friends and family during this time!


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