From strength-training to calorie-burning: Discovering the benefits of biking

Starting a new exercise plan can be difficult. Biking, however, is an exercise that not only can be enjoyed by all ages, but also offers a tremendous amount of health benefits!

Did you know that cycling offers a great way to reduce weight, build muscle and reduce body fat? With regular participation, bikers can enjoy both the cardiovascular and weight loss benefits of their exercise activities.

Cycling uses all the body’s top muscles, including the quadriceps and hamstrings in the legs, the glues and hip muscles. The result? Fat-burning exercises with peak potential! With such a critical impact, bicycling presents itself as one of the top aerobic activities for overall health.

When we take a further look, the benefits of low-impact biking for exercise include:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and joint fitness
  • Decreased stress, depression and anxiety levels
  • Strengthened bones, increased muscle density

In addition, those looking to exercise without further aggravating an existing back injury look no further than low-impact biking.

Swift and steady biking is best. Consider this: If you weigh 120-175 pounds and bike at an average rate of 10 mph, you can burn 215-240 calories in 30 minutes. At the same speed, those weighing 200-250 pounds can burn up to 360 calories in 30 minutes.

Biking is considered a gentle enough of an exercise to condition the back muscles, all the while designed to strengthen them and healthy. For example, patients with osteoporosis find that low-impact biking helps to keep joints flexible while strengthening muscles.

If it’s low impact, will I still feel the benefits?

Absolutely! Low-impact exercises actually decrease the stress on your bones, joints and limbs. Biking is known as one of the top low-impact exercises. In fact, research shows that low-impact exercises may actually promote the healing and recovery of joints.

Biking can also help reduce lower back pain while specifically strengthening the leg muscles.

It’s never too late to enjoy the full benefits of a low-impact exercise such as biking. Get started today to see the full benefits of a biking program in your life!


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