Fun in the Sun: Great Outdoor Activities That Keep You Fit

Marathon.Now that summer’s here, there are plenty of fun fitness options to explore! Beyond the gym, take a look at what the great outdoors has to offer. Not only will you stock up on vitamin D, known as the “sunshine vitamin,” but you’ll keep yourself feeling fit and healthy in the meantime. As always, don’t forget your sunscreen and shades for UV protection.

Take it to the beach: Soak up the sun while swimming, going for a quick run, throwing a Frisbee or playing volleyball.

  • Playing with a Frisbee is an excellent way to work your arms and shoulders while improving your hand-eye coordination. Add running and jumping to your game and tossing a Frisbee on the beach becomes an excellent way to burn an average of 200 calories an hour.
  • Swimming is another great outdoor activity that also offers a total body workout and serves as a top aerobic calorie burner. Swimming is not only the perfect relief from summer heat, it’s also an ideal way to work out the body while easing the burden on stiff joints and muscles. Because water’s density is about 12 times that of air, swimming is a fun summer activity that is excellent for toning and sculpting the body. Work your heart, joints and muscles while burning approximately 400 calories an hour.
  • Beach volleyball is a fun, competitive way to boost metabolism, stay flexible and burn fat all while enjoying some rays. As you run, spike and hit, you not only improve hand-eye coordination, you also get a total body workout that can offload an average of 480 calories an hour.
  • Running,another great calorie burner, gains extra intensity on the beach due to increased surface resistance from the sand. A good beach run offers the chance to burn up to 30 percent more calories than you would on asphalt—anywhere from 330 to 800 calories an hour. To up the challenge for your calves and muscles, try running barefoot!

While at the beach, other fun calorie burners to try include building sandcastles (100 calories/hour), boogie boarding (250 calories/hour) and kayaking (350 calories/hour). So what are you doing still sitting here reading? Time to hit the beach and get fit!


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