Get moving! How walking can improve your back pain

Get Moving - How walking can improve your backpainWalking is probably the last thing on your mind as that all-too-familiar twinge of pain nags in your back. While curling up in your bed and waiting for the pain to pass sounds tempting, it isn’t the best approach to beating your back pain. So what is the solution? Try walking.

There are many benefits to regular walking, including a stronger spine. Recent studies show that getting up and moving will help ease your back pain. How can that be? Because your brain is stimulated to release serotonin and endorphins. Walking also helps control your weight and that can help ensure you’re not placing extra strain on your spine. So are you ready to get moving? Check out these tips for stepping with success:

Gather your gear. Before you set out, make sure you have the proper tools. You’ll need proper clothing, including a good pair of walking shoes. Consider bringing a water bottle and your phone, as a safety precaution.

Stand straight. As you walk, make sure you’re standing tall. Be careful not to hunch over or roll your shoulders forward. When you lean forward, more strain is placed on your spine and that causes pain. So, always stand up straight as you walk.

Check your core. Building strong core muscles is essential to maintaining good back health. Make sure to keep your abdominal muscles tight as you walk. Doing so will help strengthen those muscles. You will also find that it will helps you have a better posture.

Start moving. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other. Remember, the goal is to simply move. You don’t have to keep a fast pace or even walk for a long time. Try hitting the pavement for about 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Walking is great way to help reduce, or even prevent, pain. If you find that walking and other forms of conservative treatment have not helped your back pain, contact Laser Spine Institute today.


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