How to prepare for your first Turkey Trot

Senior Couple Running In The WoodsWith Thanksgiving right around the corner, traditions abound at this time. Some celebrate the holiday of thanks through sharing what they are thankful for while others pound the pavement in an annual Turkey Trot.

The annual Turkey Trot is typically held on, or around, Thanksgiving with the premise of burning off all the additional calories you’ll consume. The Turkey Trot, like many races, comes in the form of a fun run or competitive race.

If this is your first stab at the Turkey Trot, consider these tips:

Train now. The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching, bringing with it the Turkey Trot. Don’t wait to start training. Start by increasing your endurance in your workouts. Try to increase your endurance level a little more with each workout. Don’t hurt yourself, though. An injured body will make running the race more difficult.

Wear proper clothing. Before you head out the door for your Turkey Trot, make sure you check the weather. Your best bet is to dress in layers. Odds are good that it will be cool in the morning, but you may heat up during the race. Dressing in layers allows you to remove clothing to avoid overheating your body.

Select good shoes. Make sure that you review the course for the race so that you are familiar with the terrain and wear the proper shoes. Ensure that your shoes are in good shape and have good support. You should avoid wearing brand new shoes as they may cause blisters. If you buy new shoes for the race, make sure to wear them a few times before the run.

Stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget about staying properly hydrated in the midst of a race. Drinking plenty of water is important for muscle function. Remember to sip on water before and during your run.

Don’t forget to eat.  Although you may be saving all your calories for the post-run Thanksgiving meal, make sure you eat before and after your race. You need food to fuel your body during the race. Try snacking on some oatmeal or a granola bar before you start running.

Have fun. Embrace the day and remember to be thankful for the opportunity to be able to participate in such an event. Relish the time you spend with family and friends. Don’t forget to make plenty of fun-filled memories.


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