One factor of good spine health? Consistency.

One factor of good spine health? Consistency.We’re almost halfway through the year, which means it’s time to check in with those spine health resolutions. Maybe you’re still on course. Maybe you’ve experienced some setbacks, and that’s OK, too. Either way, it’s not too late to recommit to a healthier spine this year.

If it’s time to reset your mindset, understanding the importance of exercise and nutrition is a good place to start. We’ve all had a doctor tell us that these things are important. But what makes a consistent back pain diet and exercise routine good for your spine?

Keeping inflammation in check

There are many benefits of healthy eating, but when it comes to your spine, the biggest benefit may not be so obvious. By eating more anti-inflammatory foods, like kale, watermelon or salmon, you can reduce inflammation to prevent neck and back pain. An anti-inflammatory diet can help you live a healthier life while reducing your risk of developing degenerative spine conditions, like a pinched nerve, spinal arthritis or degenerative disc disease.

Remember: Frequently eating inflammatory foods, like white bread, alcohol or processed sweets, releases pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body. This can lead to neck or back pain and other health conditions.

Maintaining healthy weight

It’s no secret — gaining weight is easy. Without keeping your healthy diet and exercise on track, you may find yourself wondering where those extra pounds came from. Excess weight isn’t just a problem for your overall health, it creates more stress on your neck and back. Each time you sit, stand, twist or bend, these movements put pressure on your spine. How many times do you make these moves per day? Per week? Per month? Per year?

Remember: Extra weight means added spinal pressure. This puts you at greater risk for bulging discs, bone spurs and other degenerative spine conditions.

Now that you’ve refreshed your motivation to meet your goals, have at it! Start by creating a spine health plan that works best for you, whether you’re trying to prevent flare-ups or recover from an injury.

Keep in mind, if your spine condition is preventing you from reaching your pain relief goals, your plan may need to include surgery. Contact Laser Spine Institute to learn how our minimally invasive spine surgery offers a reduced risk of complication compared to traditional open neck or back surgery.


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