Play the healthiest award-night yoga game

Play the healthiest award-night yoga gameWhile you prepare the perfect decorations, snacks and list of friends who’ve committed to a full night of television at your place, remember that sitting too long isn’t great for your neck and back. That’s why our award-night yoga challenge is the perfect game to add to your party agenda.

To start playing, watch for the queues below to know when you should strike some of our favorite healthy yoga poses:

Face the music

We’ve all seen an acceptance speech go on for too long … until the award winner gets escorted offstage by that beautiful background music. Some celebrities just don’t know when to sit back down, and whenever this happens, you can laugh as you strike a Chair Pose.

The Chair Pose can keep things amusing during the big award show, and also guide you into a spinal stretch that’s good for your thighs, knees and ankles. This pose is also supposed to be great for your immune system, sense of balance, abdominal organs, diaphragm and heart. Sounds like a winner!

Spot a red dress

On a night packed with powerful Hollywood prestige, you can expect a sea of red dresses in the latest fashion on the red carpet. To keep the game going, every time you see someone in a red dress, get into a Warrior Two Pose.

This yoga pose helps improve your balance, stamina and concentration — so you can focus on the rest of the show! Practicing Warrior Two also helps your deep breathing technique because it expands your chest while stretching your shoulders, arms, legs and ankles.

Watch the end

You made it to the closing credits! Now what? Although it may be hard to wind down from all the award show fun, rewarding yourself with another healthy yoga pose is a great way to get relaxed.

Get ready for bed by practicing the Child’s Pose to relieve stress and slow your heart rate. Stretch your hips, ankles and thighs while relieving neck and back tension.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to wait for the next big award show to practice yoga for back pain. Try Laser Spine Institute’s Seven-Day Yoga Challenge to keep the momentum going! But remember to watch for warning signs — if it becomes too painful to do yoga or sit comfortably during the big award show, contact Laser Spine Institute today to explore your treatment options.


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