Take to the water: Paddle boarding for core strength

Peter-Miller-PaddleboardingIt’s summer, which means it’s the perfect time to head outdoors for your workout. Paddle boarding is one of my favorite ways to get in some exercise when the weather turns warm. One of the best things about it — other than the fitness benefits — is that you don’t even realize you’re working out.

What is paddle boarding?

Paddle boarding marries the best of surfing with swimming and kayaking. It incorporates the use of a paddle board, which is similar to a surfboard but more stable, and the motion of swimming using a paddle like you would if you were kayaking. Once you are standing, sitting or lying on your paddle board, begin using your paddle to propel you forward. If you’re lying down on your stomach, use your arms like you are swimming.

Paddle boarding is great workout for just about anyone. It’s especially valuable if you’re looking to help prevent chronic neck or back pain. Check out how paddle boarding can benefit you:

Low-impact exercise. As a low-impact exercise, paddle boarding is a great way to get in a workout without straining your joints. Low-impact exercise is an excellent way to improve your overall fitness without damaging your joints while increasing your cardiovascular health. And it’s a great way to maintain or lose weight, which is important for promoting spine health.

Stronger core muscles. One of the top benefits of paddle boarding is the workout it gives your core muscles. Your core muscles are continually engaged and tight as you paddle board. And the swimming or paddling motion gives your stomach a nice workout. Increasing the strength in your stomach and back muscles will help to prevent or reduce chronic back pain.

Increased balance. Standing or kneeling on a paddle board will quickly improve your balance. You’ll learn that in order to stay upright, you must engage your core muscles to give you stability. Improving your balance will help you in a lot of areas, including preventing falls that may cause neck or back pain

Cardio workout. Paddle boarding is an excellent cardiovascular workout. And what better way is there to get in your cardio than on the water? Not to mention all the benefits that regular cardio exercise holds such as decreased risk for heart disease. Regular cardiovascular exercise can also help you maintain or lose weight. And a healthy weight helps diminish the pressure placed on your spine.

Paddle boarding is a fun and relaxing way to stay fit during the summer months and help stave off future back problems. If you currently suffer from chronic neck or back pain, consult with your physician before trying to paddle board. Contact Laser Spine Institute if your pain has not diminished after several weeks or months to find out if you’re a candidate for their minimally invasive spine surgeries. They can help you Stand Tall℠.


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