Fall activities to enjoy in St. Louis when you have back pain

Fall activities to enjoy in St. Louis when you have back pain

Back pain can make staying active difficult. However, it’s important to get a few minutes of gentle, low-impact activity (such as walking) each day. Doing so can help keep your muscles strong and flexible — a must for giving the spine as much support as possible.

Thankfully, residents of St. Louis have plenty of options for getting out and about. This is especially true in the fall, when the weather is mild and most attractions have smaller crowds. To get a bit of exercise in a fun way, consider the exploring the following attractions:

  • A day at the St. Louis ZooFall activities to enjoy in St. Louis when you have back pain
  • A trip to the Missouri History Museum or Missouri Botanical Garden
  • A tour of the Old St. Louis County Courthouse
  • A walk or bike ride along the St. Louis Riverfront Trail

Throughout your trip, be sure to pause periodically to rest and stretch out your muscles. The Mayo Clinic recommends several simple stretches that are highly beneficial for back pain, and while not all of them can be completed while you’re on the go, shoulder blade squeezes and seated lower back rotational stretches can be easily done on a park bench or picnic table.

It’s also helpful to stop frequently for water, as dehydration can make back pain worse. Carry a water bottle with you and refill as often as necessary. Try to aim for a minimum of eight large glasses per day.

If you’re doing your best to manage back pain by keeping active, taking medications and using other conservative therapies but haven’t found the relief you need, Laser Spine Institute may be able to help. Our minimally invasive spine surgery is often the clinically appropriate first choice and provides many advantages over traditional open back surgery. To find out if you are a candidate for an outpatient procedure at Laser Spine Institute, contact us today.


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