5 ways to avoid back pain on Labor Day

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This Labor Day is the perfect time to rethink a few of your favorite activities. If you have back pain you may want to spend your time wisely this holiday. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to stay mentally and physically active this Labor Day without causing back pain.

Start with a good stretch

While a game of tackle football might be a bad choice, there are some great back-friendly ways to work on your physique during Labor Day. Yoga is definitely one of them. Yoga emphasizes flexible strength and joint health, perfect for combating the effects of aging and spinal conditions. Typically early morning classes are offered on Labor Day, some even in a peaceful and scenic location such as the beach or a park, so it won’t interfere with the rest of the day’s schedule.

Take in a sporting event

Baseball season is in full swing, and Major League Baseball (MLB) teams are fighting for a playoff birth. When is the last time you caught a game? As long as you don’t try to be a hero and dive for a foul ball, there should be little chance of aggravating your spinal condition (and subsequent back pain). Just remember to get up and stretch your legs every so often to prevent your back from stiffening up. Remember to bring a sweater or jacket if you live in a cooler climate. Good posture and a seat cushion can also be key to a back-friendly event.

Have a second helping

Eating is a favorite pastime of nearly every culture on special occasions and holidays, including Labor Day. There are certain foods you can whip up for your meal that will help decrease back pain. The omega fatty acids in fruits, nuts, vegetables and some fish may help reduce inflammation and back pain. How about throwing a fresh piece of salmon on the grill this year instead of steak? Add this Greek orzo salad to the menu, and you can double-down on your back-healthy meal.

Drink wine

Cocktails, sangria and other alcoholic beverages loaded with sugar can cause inflammation. Once the alcohol has stopped impairing your senses, back pain can return in a big way. Instead of reaching for the sugary adult beverage, choose the healthier, and oftentimes tastier, wine. And yes, guys, beer is a more back-friendly beverage. In fact, beer is typically even lower in sugar content than wine.

Stop and take a breath

Labor Day was created to honor the hard-working men and women that built this country. So don’t forget to honor your own contributions by taking the time to recharge your battery and enjoy the company of family and friends. You have the rest of the week for work and household chores. Labor Day is the perfect time to unplug and reconnect with the things that really matter. Don’t try to jam activities into every minute of the day. Being up on your feet all day may increase your back pain. Get a comfortable chair (preferably with a good view), watch your posture and stay relaxed. What could be more back friendly than that?



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