4 ways healthy nutrition can relieve back pain

We all know that eating healthy is good for our overall well-being, but what if it could help with pain? Conservative treatment can be as easy as eating right. Eating less processed food, more vegetables and healthy fats can go a long way toward relieving spine pain. Here are four ways that better nutrition can help reduce neck and back pain.

Anti-inflammatory benefits are sure to follow when eating more fruits, nuts and vegetables. By eating walnuts, almonds, fish and olive oil, which contain omega-3 fatty acids, and lesser known omega-9 fatty acids, can help reduce inflammation. Inflammation causes swelling of joints and can eventually wear down supportive tissue between vertebrae. Chronic inflammation can occur from eating poorly, but an anti-inflammatory diet can help ease pain.

Keep bones strong and support muscle condition with increased calcium intake from healthy eating. Most children can tell you that dairy is a good source of calcium, but did you know it’s also found in dark green leafy veggies and salmon? Try some Greek yogurt for breakfast or baked salmon with lemon for dinner.

Eliminate a cause of inflammation; cut out sugars. Many modern diets contain a surplus of sugar, not only leaving your body to process the sugar, but also often taking up calories that should come from food containing nutrients. Sugar, along with food that breaks down quickly into sugar, like white flour, causes inflammatory reactions in our bodies. Just cutting out soda or sugary drinks can go a long way in creating a healthy diet. A safe sweet is one that contains fiber to slow down the breakdown of sugar, so reach for fruit.

Weight loss often occurs by eating a healthy, less processed diet. Excess weight places pressure on the spine, which can make back pain worse and speed up the degeneration of discs. Pain is lessened when the spine does not have to support excess weight.

Adding anti-inflammatory foods and calcium, and reducing sugar and weight, are all relatively easy changes to make. Eating well can greatly lessen neck and back pain and has other positive side effects in one’s general health. Be sure to discuss making possible changes in your diet with your doctor first.


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