6 foods that cause inflammation

Inflammation increases pressure on your joints – including your neck and back, making every movement painful. Not only can inflammation ruin your day, it can also take a toll on your overall health. Many experts believe inflammation is the source of many more serious medical conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Researchers also believe that a well-planned diet will reduce your risk for inflammation as well as other medical conditions. An anti-inflammation diet shouldn’t be treated as a trendy weight-loss solution. This type of diet is for those that suffer from some form of arthritis or have a problem with inflammation and achy joints. Properties that induce inflammation hide in some of your favorite foods such as microwave popcorn, bacon, cheeseburgers, milk, French fries and grilled sausage.

As you plan your meals, consider avoiding these inflammation inducing foods:

Toss the trans fats. Trans fats are just bad news all around. Particularly, they are known to damage the cells within the lining of blood vessels, which increase your risk for inflammation. Not only are trans fats bad for you, they hide in almost every processed product. Make sure you check the labels when buying groceries.

Dump the cooking oil. Certain types of cooking oils such as vegetable oil contain a high level of omega-6 fatty acids. This type of fatty acid can create an imbalance with the extremely healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can encourage inflammation. Switch to using extra virgin olive oil for your cooking needs.

Avoid MSG. There are very few redeeming qualities concerning monosodium glutamate. In fact, some would say there is nothing good about consuming MSG. The manufactured salt is tied to weight gain, brain cancer and inflammation. MSG is typically used as a preservative or flavor enhancer in restaurants, so make sure to ask your server how your meal is prepared when you go out to eat and opt for the MSG-free version.

Weed out white flour. Refined flour, or white flour, is digested quickly, turning to glucose in the body. This increases your chances for inflammation. Switch to whole-wheat flour instead. Whole wheat breads and pastas take longer for your body to digest and are not converted to sugar as quickly. Switching will also help to stave of the sluggish feeling you get after eating carbohydrates.

Limit your sugar. Too much sugar can cause inflammation. Your body breaks down sugar quickly, too. The recommended daily value for sugar hovers near 50 grams. The average American consumes more than seven times that recommendation. Some sugar is good for your body; just limit it to the recommended daily value to decrease your odds of an inflammation flare up.

Skip the soda. Few things are worse for inflammation than soda. The carbonated beverage is comprised mostly of sugar. In fact, soda contains 44 grams of sugar per serving – almost all of your daily allowance. Skip the soda and opt for water. Your joints will love you.

Choosing foods that help to reduce your risk for inflammation is the first step toward beating the pain. Try eliminating certain foods for at least two weeks to see if your pain is reduced.


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