Cooking healthy with mom: try Natalie’s traditions

Cooking healthy with mom: try Natalie’s traditions

Keeping my back healthy starts in the kitchen, and I can think of no one better to cook with than my best friend — my mom. When I come home from golfing on the LPGA Tour, my mom and I love catching up while cooking our favorite dishes. Healthy living is important to us, and it’s even more than that. By carrying on the cooking traditions she shared with my grandmother, our time spent in the kitchen brings us closer together.

Mom and I have been cooking since I was young, and I invite you to bring some of our family traditions into your kitchen:

Getting creativeCooking healthy with mom: try Natalie’s traditions

  • Seasoned kale chips instead of potato chips
  • Ahi tuna coated with chia seeds instead of sesame seeds
  • Wasabi mixed with coconut aminos instead of soy sauce
  • White tea (no sugar) instead of alcoholic beverages

For a great side dish, we’ll sauté anti-inflammatory vegetables with garlic and no-salt seasoning. Ready for mom’s big secret? Sauté them in water instead of butter or oil. You’ll find that vegetables have so much natural flavor, you don’t need to add much else.

Using the best ingredientsCooking healthy with mom: try Natalie’s traditions

Mom and I always bring the best ingredients into the kitchen. We call it the California cuisine diet — natural, fresh whole foods from local farmers. We even use eco-friendly cookware to better maintain the flavors in our food. For our anti-inflammatory diet, we eat foods high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. We juice every day, and we always have nuts and goji berries around to snack on. When Saturday rolls around, you can find us exploring our local fresh markets for inspiration!

Inviting the whole family5291_Natalies-Cooking-Tips-with-Mom_Wellness-2

Every Sunday is a dinner party for us. Mom and I love cooking beautiful dishes for our friends and family while bonding over conversation. She’s a big influence on my diet, which has extended to the rest of our big family — along with all of the benefits of healthy eating. Our guests always know they’re going to be eating high-quality, healthy food when they come over for dinner.

Thanks to mom, our cooking traditions have helped keep my spine healthy since my successful surgery at Laser Spine Institute. I’m back to the life I love, and I encourage you to contact them if your neck or back pain is keeping you from your healthy, active lifestyle. Contacting Laser Spine Institute was the best decision of my life.


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