How alcohol affects neck and back pain

Let’s talk alcohol. It’s common knowledge that certain types of alcohol are good for the body and soul – all within moderation, of course. A little bit of red wine is good for the heart. But what type of alcohol is good for an ailing back? Truth be told – none.

Here’s our reasoning as to why you should skip the 5 o’clock beer, the wining and dining and the beloved nightcap:

Lowers your inhibitions. Not to sound like an overplayed driver’s education video, but alcohol really does affect the way you think and act. Alcohol consumption relaxes your body – almost too much. When you’re inebriated, you are not thinking as clearly and your physical pains seem to fade away. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and may incite the desire to do something a little crazy such as moving heavy furniture, which is definitely bad for your back.

Relaxes your muscles. One of the main reasons many people fancy alcohol is because of its ability to reduce stress levels. Alcohol actually acts as a muscle relaxant, which sounds great. For those suffering from neck and back pain, relaxing your core muscles is not the best idea. Your core muscles help to support your spine. The effects of alcohol make it difficult for your core muscles to properly support your spine.

Affects your mood. Alcohol affects your mood and physiology. The substance acts as a depressant that slows the body’s natural processes such as circulation and breathing. Even more than that, alcohol can adversely influence your mood. Over time, alcohol usage may send you into a deep depression and inhibit your recovery from neck or back pain.

Increases weight. One of the evil foes of neck and back pain is obesity. Not only do alcoholic beverages rack up the calories, they also encourage you to eat more. Increased eating also adds to the calorie count. Extra weight increases pressure on your spine, potentially adding to your neck and back pain.

So the next time you go to pour yourself a glass of wine or grab a beer from the refrigerator, weigh the pros and cons of consuming that beverage. You may find that the cons far outweigh the pros.


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