Indulge in the health benefits of chocolate

Some days you just need a sweet treat in the form of chocolate. Not only does it seemingly help to solve all of our problems, it’s also a healthy snack. Yes, you read that line correctly. Chocolate is a healthy snack.

Dark chocolate is considered a superfood because of the antioxidants found in the delightful treat. These antioxidants are called flavonoids and can be found in many fruits, vegetables and wine. Dark chocolate seems to have more flavonoid powers than other foods.

Ask any woman if chocolate has magical, healing powers, and they will say yes. In some cases, they may be right. So, go ahead and indulge in the chocolate and learn how it can benefit your health:

Heart health. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, may help decrease your chance for heart disease by one-third. Studies have shown that a single square of dark chocolate can help to lower your blood pressure, reducing your risk for heart attack by 39 percent. This is because of the flavonoid antioxidants found in chocolate.

Weight loss. Those looking to shed some pounds often strive to stay as far away from chocolate as possible. If you’re craving chocolate, it’s OK to indulge — just do so in moderation. Eating chocolate will help quench your craving. It’s also a filling snack that will help reduce your cravings for salty, sweet and fatty foods.

Reduces stress. Dark chocolate may be your saving grace when you’re stressed. A study featured in the Journal of Proteome Research showed that eating some chocolate helps reduce stress by decreasing the level of stress hormone, cortisol, in your body.

Fights diabetes. Although it seems counterintuitive, dark chocolate may help fight against diabetes. Studies indicate that the flavonoids found in dark chocolate can help the body process sugar, fighting diabetes.

Protects skin. You don’t have to avoid chocolate for beautiful skin anymore! All the antioxidants packed into dark chocolate can help improve the health of your skin.

Improves blood flow. Snacking on some dark chocolate can help improve your blood flow. Increased blood flow will help you think more clearly and improve your vision.

Although the research is promising for the health benefits of chocolate, you should still consume the sweet treat in small amounts.


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