Join the breakfast club: Start your day with protein

You groan as your alarm clock obnoxiously chirps, waking you from a deep slumber. As you lie in bed with your eyes closed, you contemplate skipping breakfast for that extra 20 minutes of shuteye. In the back of your mind, your mother’s voice rings: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” She’s right, and you know it, so you roll yourself out of bed. But what do you make for breakfast that’s both nutritious and delicious?

Although those extra few minutes of sleep are enticing, skipping breakfast is not the solution to your tired problem. In fact, opting out of breakfast may increase your weariness. Eating a nutritious breakfast daily helps fight against diabetes, heart attack and weight gain.

Eating breakfast is important for a healthy start to the day, but grabbing a donut or stopping by a fast food joint on the way into the office is not the way to go. A healthy breakfast should be packed with protein.

Here are five easy ways to ditch the carb-filled or breakfast-free mornings and choose a protein-packed breakfast:

Yogurt. Whether you choose to buy pre-packaged yogurt containers or make your own, this is a great solution for a busy morning. Consider buying a large container of plain yogurt and divvying up the contents into smaller storage containers. You can add fruit, honey, granola or chia seeds to enrich the yogurt for a more protein-packed breakfast.

Oatmeal. A great source of complex carbohydrates, oatmeal also packs a punch in terms of healthiness and protein. Oatmeal has almost endless possibilities, too. You can set up your crockpot and try an overnight oatmeal recipe or create individual packets with small plastic bags. Try adding fruit and honey to your oatmeal for added sweetness and flavor.

Eggs. If your goal is to keep it simple, eggs may be the way to go. They are easy to prepare ahead of time or fresh each morning. You can create a quiche to munch on throughout the week or opt for a fresh-made omelet. Consider pre-making breakfast sandwiches using whole-wheat English muffins to cut down on preparation time each morning.

Toast. Although this is technically a carbohydrate, you can make it a protein-packed meal. Try using bread made from sprouted grains and adding a bit of peanut butter or mashed avocado for a quick and easy on-the-go breakfast.

Smoothies. If you don’t want to think about chewing in the morning, we suggest making a healthy smoothie. Start with a yogurt base and add items such as fresh fruits, cashews and honey to create the perfect breakfast.


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