To eat or not to eat: Breakfast myths debunked

For the most part, many people will do anything to garner a few extra minutes of shuteye in the mornings, including forgoing the most important meal of the day. We find reasons to skip the meal. In fact, some of us have bought into several myths surrounding breakfast.

Find out the truth behind 5 of the more common myths surrounding breakfast:

I should skip breakfast if I want to lose weight. Many people believe that skipping breakfast helps them lose those unwanted pounds. Some believe this to be true because they are saving their calories. When you skip breakfast, you don’t save calories throughout the day because you are more likely to binge eat. Studies have shown that 78 percent of those who lost weight ate breakfast daily and were able to keep the weight off for five years. Additionally, breakfast is the meal that helps kick-start your metabolism every day.

I don’t have time to make breakfast. It takes too long. Another reason people tend to skip their morning meal is because they are under the impression making breakfast is a long, drawn out ordeal. A healthy breakfast, though, doesn’t require an hour hovering over the stove or oven. When in doubt, opt for items that can be quickly prepared and are well balanced, such as a smoothie. You can also consider trying some low-fat yogurt with low-fat, low-sugar granola or some oatmeal with fruit.

There’s no reason to eat breakfast if I’m not hungry. Normally, that sentiment is true. However, there’s probably a reason you’re not hungry when it comes to breakfast. The most likely culprit is eating too late or overeating at night. Curb your late-night cravings by hitting the sack earlier or drinking some water. Try to avoid eating two hours prior to sleeping. You’ll wake up the next morning ready for some breakfast.

I work out in the morning, so that means I don’t need to eat breakfast. Although it’s tempting to skip your morning meal in lieu of the gym, that isn’t ideal. Studies have shown that even a small breakfast will increase your workout performance. Without food, you’re more likely to feel shaky and weak while working out.

Breakfast truly is one of the most important meals of your day. The term breakfast, literally, refers to “breaking the fast” from the previous night. Starting your day with a healthy meal helps set you up for success as the day progresses.


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