10 natural pain relievers

10 natural pain relieversFinding a treatment to soothe neck or back pain isn’t easy. And with so many treatment options available, it’s hard to know where to start. Before you start another day reaching for your medicine bottle, we encourage you to try some of these natural ways to relieve your nagging neck or back pain:

A good laugh — It’s not so silly! Laughing can soothe tension, relieve stress, improve your mood and even boost your immune system to relieve pain naturally.

Calcium and magnesium — Strong bones means better spinal support and wellness. Try both of these supplements to increase the strength of your bones and cartilage.

Drinking enough water — Constant dehydration can not only put you at risk for degenerative spine conditions, but can lead to muscle tension and straining which causes back pain. Drink up to keep your discs hydrated!

Fighting inflammation with fish — Certain kinds of fish, like salmon, are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids — big fighters against the inflammation that causes pain. Try fish oil supplements if you’re not a fish fan!

A nice walk — Whether you’re going for a brisk stroll or power walking, going for a walk can release serotonin and endorphins which can help ease chronic neck or back pain and strengthen your spine.

Bromelain — This natural anti-inflammatory, commonly found in pineapple, helps to reduce muscle stiffness, swelling and inflammation. This supplement also helps to relieve osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Mindfulness meditation — Make time to unwind, because studies have shown that those who practice relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing and yoga have less back pain than those who do not.

Chamomile — A hot cup of chamomile tea isn’t only good for relaxing — it’s good for neck and back pain, too. Chamomile is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and relax muscles.

Turmeric — This herb contains a powerful anti-inflammatory known as curcumin. Try adding turmeric supplements into your diet to help fight flare-ups of chronic neck or back pain.

Avoid inflammatory foods — By cutting inflammatory foods out of your diet and adding in their counterparts — like certain herbs, nuts and vegetables — you can help reduce or prevent neck or back pain. Try LPGA player Natalie Gulbis’ three favorite anti-inflammatory zucchini recipes.

If you’ve tried several methods of natural pain relief or conservative treatments, but haven’t met your pain relief goals, our Care Team may be able to help. Contact Laser Spine Institute today to receive your free MRI review* and learn more about your neck or back condition.


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