Are my hips causing back pain?

Are my hips causing back pain?Your hip bone’s connected to your … spine? Maybe that’s not how the song goes, but you’re not wrong for thinking this way — and if you’re exploring the cause of your lower back pain, maybe you should.

“The hips and pelvis are two different but closely interrelated parts of your anatomy,” said Jennifer Bowser, D.C., a Chiropractor at Laser Spine Institute. “While both components serve many functions, together, they can influence the weight distribution of your upper body to the legs.”

Uneven distribution of pressure on your spine is bad news. And with your hips out of alignment, even your body’s core stabilization is off balance. Along with ligament strain, tight muscles and nerve compression, misaligned hips can be a key player in chronic back pain and sciatica.

It may have started with a quick slip and fall or awkward body movement, but Dr. Bowser says you shouldn’t rule out other health conditions as well. “Misaligned hips may also be caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction or an anatomically shorter leg on one side,” Dr. Bowser said. “Muscle imbalance from poor posture or inactivity can also affect your hips, possibly leading to back and leg pain.”

Remember how to kick dormant butt syndrome? Many of those same muscles are the foundation of your hips and pelvis. Think of your musculoskeletal system as a chain. Poorly conditioned glute muscles and misaligned hips can also affect your knees and the way you walk, all the way down to the pronation and supination of your feet.

“Stretching and strengthening of the hips is key,” said Dr. Bowser. “Active rehabilitation and manual manipulation may also be necessary under the guidance of a medical professional.” With the many lower back pain treatments available, you can work with your doctor to create the right care plan for a hip misalignment.

With persistent spine pain, a doctor or spine specialist can tell if a hip problem could be to blame. If you’ve attended multiple chiropractic sessions among other conservative treatments without improvement, your condition may be more serious. Contact Laser Spine Institute for your no-cost MRI review* — we’ll tell you within two business days if you’re a candidate for our minimally invasive outpatient procedures.


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