Boating adventures without back pain: Three secrets from Peter Miller

Boating adventures without back pain: Three secrets from Peter MillerLife on the water is all about adventure. For me, it’s a chance to travel the world, catch the best fish, find interesting conversation and meet new people — and it all starts with a fun day on the boat.

My back pain used to limit me from all of these things. Until I found Laser Spine Institute. I’ve been back on the boat ever since my minimally invasive spine surgery, and I’ve learned the best ways to keep my spine healthy when I’m out on the water.

For your next adventure, you’ll know how to avoid back pain while boating with my spine-friendly boating tips:

Start with a waterside stretch

Stretching is a good idea before every boating trip. Before climbing aboard, I always take five to 10 minutes to warm up for the day — but even two minutes can help you. I recommend a few good stretches to work your hamstrings and thighs, and I’ll show you how.

Absorb shock from the waves

The pounding of the waves is one of the biggest links between back pain and boating. Going really fast in the waves can take a toll on your spine and spinal discs, especially over time. Having a padded boat deck is common now, and you can even have it custom fitted to your boat. Waterproof bean bag chairs are another popular and cost effective way to protect your back.

Choose anti-inflammatory foods with a tropical twist

Pineapple is a great one that’s anti-inflammatory. You have to maintain your blood sugar levels out there, and my secret is eating fruit and protein. My team and I will even pack a small grill to take with us for the day. When we pull in fresh mahi-mahi or yellowfin tuna, we’ll cut the fish, rinse it in saltwater and grill up fresh fish tacos right there on the boat.

Keeping my spine healthy after surgery means I’m able to take my professional fishing career around the globe as the host of Discovery Channel’s Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller. No matter where you’re cruising the waves, these tips can tag along to help you discover neck or back pain relief on your next adventure.


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