Experiencing insomnia with spine pain? Read this.

Experiencing insomnia with spine pain? Read this.Chronic spine pain and insomnia are a dangerous duo. Before choosing minimally invasive spine surgery, many of our patients spent eight hours a night tossing and turning — especially Ret. Major General Price, an actual Laser Spine Institute patient.

“I couldn’t sleep more than two hours,” said General Price. “It’s difficult to be in pain constantly.”

Anyone can have trouble falling asleep sometimes, but if you can’t sleep because of back pain, your health may be at risk for more than a restless night. Remember these three health hazards that can stem from chronic insomnia:

  1. Weakened immune system

With a spine condition, it can be a never-ending cycle — you can’t sleep when you’re in pain, and your body can’t function properly without sleep. “I’d go to bed and stay up until 1:30 in the morning,” said General Price. Without sleep, your body can’t properly fight infection, inflammation and even heal after an injury.

  1. Mental effects

Sleep loss doesn’t only have physical consequences. Poor concentration, memory problems, cloudy judgment and depression can come from insomnia caused by chronic pain. “I wasn’t happy with myself,” said General Price. “I couldn’t sleep unless I was physically exhausted.”

  1. Cardiovascular harm

When you aren’t getting the sleep you need, even your heart has something to say. Aside from irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure, chronic insomnia also increases your risk of heart failure and other conditions. If you’re experiencing serious cardiac symptoms, always seek immediate medical attention.

Knowing how back pain affects sleep is one thing, but the consequences on your health can be serious. If any of these red flags sound familiar, there is good news — knowing is the first step in finding a solid solution.

If neck or back pain is keeping you up at night, conservative treatment may be your key to a good night’s rest. If you’ve already tried conservative treatments like chiropractic care, massage therapy or even the best sleeping positions for lower back pain, it may be time to consider surgery.

“I feel like new money,” said General Price. “I feel that I’ve been totally restored. My pain has gone away 100 percent. Send your records and see if you might be a candidate.”

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