Game plan for preventing sports injuries

Sport InjuriesEvery year, it’s the same promise. You pledge to get serious about getting and staying in shape. And like a giddy teenager, brimming with energy and excitement, you craft quite the game plan. In your mind, no sport is too difficult, no goal too lofty. So it begins, the frenzy to sign up for every sports league, join in flag football games, even play soccer.

But before you step onto that playing field, there’s something you should know. From sprains and strains to spasms and fractures, sports injuries are one of the leading causes of pain. Though many involve knee injuries, 20 percent of injuries affect the neck or lower back.

So, who’s the most susceptible to getting sidelined? If you’re a couch potato, a weekend warrior or anyone with an inactive lifestyle, take note. We’re sharing the six simple conditioning steps you can do right now to help you avoid sports-related pain.

  • Seek advice — Before you engage in any type of sport, always seek out the advice of your doctor. By taking proper precautions, based on your individual health situation, you’ll be in the best position to make your game day a success.
  • Stretch — Wake up your muscles by working in a variety of warm up exercises. Try some light cardio, then slow it down with a series of long, slow stretches.
  • Stay safe — Whenever possible, protect your body from impact with padding and equipment designed to keep you safe.
  • Swim — Condition your core with this high-intensity, low-impact workout. It’s an aerobic exercise that combines fitness and fun while strengthening your back. 
  • Strengthen — Tone up your core by turning up the heat on your abdominals. Increase the burn with a series of crunches, planks or Pilates exercises. Making your core strong helps protect your spine, lessening your chances of getting injured.
  • STAND TALL — Perfecting your posture by standing up straight lessens the chance of injuring your back. So leave poor postures, like rounding your shoulders and slouching, where they belong — in time out.

If you’ve tried conservative treatments such as massage, chiropractic care, physical therapy or acupuncture and they haven’t provided the relief you need, contact Laser Spine Institute today. You may be a candidate for our minimally invasive spine procedures.


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