Get in touch with nature: How to camp with back pain

Camping season has officially started. So pack your camping gear, grab the ice chest and some food, fill the car up with gas and hit the road. The great outdoors await.

What’s the hold up? Oh, you’re worried about your back. If you’re suffering from neck or back pain, camping is probably not on your to-do list this summer. Just because you suffer from neck or back pain doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on the activities you love. Check out these tips for camping with back pain:

Invest in a good air mattress. The air mattress is one aspect of your camping trip that you do not want to skimp on the cash. Go ahead and spend a little extra money on a quality air mattress. You might consider investing in an air mattress that is double the height to decrease your bending.

Go for the big tent. The extra room will be beneficial for your larger air mattress. A big tent also allows you the flexibility to stand upright.

Move in close. Before you begin the setup process, position your vehicle as close to the site as possible. That way you won’t have to lug equipment as far.

Watch your bending. If you are assisting in setting up the campsite, make sure you are using correct bending and lifting techniques. Lift from your legs and not your back.

Pace yourself. Pacing yourself is the best thing you can do for your back. It’s easy to forget to protect your back when you’re having a good time. To ensure you have an enjoyable trip, take it slow. Those around you will understand.

Stay healthy. Camping generally isn’t associated with healthy eating. However, maintaining a healthy diet and skipping the alcohol will help keep your back from aching. Consider taking a hike, going for a swim or doing some yoga in the morning to keep your back limber.

Don’t forget the chair. Make sure you bring a chair that is comfortable to sit in. The odds are that you will spend a lot of time in the chair as you take breaks or chat with fellow campers.

Check your proximity. When you select your campsite, make sure it’s near a bathroom so you don’t have to trek all the way across the campgrounds for a restroom break.

If traditional camping is a little too rustic for your bad back, you may consider a completely new type of outdoor adventure: glamping. Glamorous camping, also known as “glamping,” is a new way to get up close and personal with nature without sacrificing your back.

Glamping is essentially camping without the “roughing it” portion, meaning most glampsites do not have electricity, cell phone coverage or Wi-Fi. Fortunately, there is a bed and a bathroom in most locations. As you plan your glamping trip, keep in mind that your trip can cost as little as $50 per night or as much as a couple thousand per night for an extravagant stay.

No matter what your camping style is, if you determine in your mind that the trip will be a success, you’ll have a great time. Just keep your thoughts positive and take care of your back.


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