How to avoid a back injury while playing tennis

Becoming a famous tennis star is on some people’s to-do list. But be careful to not injure yourself during your practice sessions. We’ve all heard of tennis elbow, but you can also injure your back. Just remember to protect your back when you’re out on the court swinging away. Keep these tips in mind to help you to avoid a back injury.

Learn about rackets. One of the best ways to prevent lower back pain during a tennis game is to ensure your racket is set up properly. Tennis pros suggest that you have your racket adjusted by a professional. If the tension in your racket is too light, it can cause you to over-rotate and potentially harm your back. Tighter tension will alleviate the need for you to turn your body more.

Watch your serve. As you prepare to serve the ball, consider the amount of back arch it requires. You may consider utilizing a slice serve rather than a kick serve to help limit the extent you arch your back.

Use proper technique. As with any sport, it is essential to make sure that you are completing the moves properly. Make sure that you bend at the knees and tighten your core muscles to support your back effectively. You may even consider having a lesson with a professional tennis player to review your tennis technique.

Wear the right gear. The right outfit really can make all the difference. Well, at least in the world of tennis. It’s important that you wear the proper protective gear and shoes. Consider wearing two pairs of socks to help support your ankles and prevent falls.

Prepare yourself. Before you play tennis, make sure that you have properly stretched your muscles. Stretching will help you to avoid injuries. You should also consider the type of court on which you will be playing. Avoid playing on hard surfaces with “no give” such as concrete and asphalt.
If you follow these tips, you may just save yourself from a back injury.


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