Men, find out what’s causing your back pain

More than 80 percent of American adults suffer from back pain. The pain can be caused by a variety of things – from injury to disease. Although women seem to be more susceptible to back pain, men can find themselves aching as well.

Listen up, men. You may have the stereotype of being rugged and invincible when it comes to your physique, but hurting your back may be easier than you think. Check out these not-so-obvious ways men can injure their backs:

Wallets. Most men keep their wallet in their back pocket. It’s easily accessible, and you don’t have to remember to grab it every time you leave the room. However, your wallet may be responsible for some of your low back pain. Studies show that men who keep a wallet in their back pocket may develop sciatica. Opt for a money clip or take your wallet out of your pocket when you sit or drive.

Golf. Moving meetings to the green may be relaxing, but your back may pay for it later. Golf injuries are a common cause of back pain. Many are injured through improper swinging techniques. Make sure that you don’t overextend your swing and stretch before playing to help prevent injury.

Heavy lifting. Men are guilty of trying to prove their manliness through physical exertion. Sometimes, the desire to impress lands them with an ailing back. One of the core causes of back pain is improper lifting techniques. Make sure you lift from your legs and not your back. If the item is heavy, ask for some help. There’s no need to risk a back injury.

Sports. Family tackle football games are a great American pastime – especially among men. But here’s the thing; just one of those tackles may land you flat on your back, writhing in pain. Many men experience back pain from sports or athletic injuries. As you’re thinking about rushing the field, consider your back and remember to protect your spine.

Osteoporosis. Although a disease typically associated with women, osteoporosis can also affect men. Osteoporosis, termed the “silent disease,” can present without warning or external symptoms. The disease causes weakness in the skeleton and bones to become brittle and break. Osteoporosis may lead to compression fractures that cause lower back pain. If you experience prolonged pain, make sure you meet with your physician to rule out osteoporosis.

So don’t try to be manly men and ignore your back pain. It could be more serious than you think. Consult with your physician to determine a plan to get you back to tip top shape.



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