My advice to parents living with spine pain

My advice to parents living with spine pain

Your experience with neck or back pain may be different from mine, but one feeling we may share is the sense of letting our families down — and that taught me an important lesson.

I still remember being stuck in bed, hearing the laughter from our family room. Another bad day with neck pain.

It was constantly on my mind, really. Each day, I’d wake up hoping for a good day. By 10 a.m., I’d be praying that I would still feel good at 5 p.m, in time to cook dinner, pick up the kids, help with homework or take them to softball.

It was about five years ago for me. I’d had two shoulder surgeries within a year, and my X-rays showed damage to my spinal discs. My radiating neck pain worsened. My migraines, excruciating.

As a parent, your whole life is taking care of your family. You nurture others. Does it ever feel like the last person you’d do that for is yourself?

While I felt that I couldn’t be present with my family because of the pain, the aftermath of traditional surgery was even more frightening. The large incision, the recovery. And I knew the longer I was in pain, the more my family life would suffer. But there are some things that helped me through this. If you find yourself where I was, remember:

  • It’s ok to talk about your pain openly with your family
  • When your pain is mild, take advantage by doing a fun family activity
  • Know when to ask for another treatment option if what you’ve tried is no longer providing relief

It wasn’t until I found Laser Spine Institute that I realized — I was wrong for waiting so long.

The surgery, being less invasive, changed everything. The amazing care made a huge difference for my family and me going through recovery. When I reflect back, I should’ve done it sooner.

Sometimes, putting your family first means taking care of yourself. If you’re going to be the best parent you can be, and that’s always the goal, you need to put yourself first. Don’t wait. Laser Spine Institute gave me back my life, and if I can help somebody else by sharing my story, then that’s exactly what I’d like to do.

Jennifer C.
Actual Patient


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