Natalie Gulbis: Fun times await

Natalie Gulbis: Fun Times AwaitYour family wants to go to a theme park for summer vacation and you want to join in the fun. But something’s holding you back again — your back pain. Even a simple outing like visiting the beach gives you that sinking feeling, because sitting on the sand makes your back ache.

I understand how you feel because I’ve been where you are. Prior to having my minimally invasive spine surgery at Laser Spine Institute, I felt like I’d missed out on so many opportunities with family and friends. And, truth be told, my relationships suffered because I was always turning down invitations for fun adventures with them.

So how can you put your back pain on the back burner and enjoy fun times with family and friends? Here are my tips:

Change it up. If friends or family invite you to join in on an activity that would cause your pain to flare up, consider suggesting a different type of gathering. Instead of going to a theme park to ride roller coasters, suggest visiting the zoo or a local garden. It will give you the opportunity to get outside and spend time with those you love.

Speak up. Clearly communicating your limits will go a long way to helping your friends and family plan activities. It’s more than OK to take breaks and move more slowly to help curb a flare up, just make sure to verbalize your needs.

Prepare for success. If you know you’re going to be participating in an activity that may irritate your back pain, take steps in advance to prevent it. Consider bringing along an icepack to help soothe your pain. And if you’re traveling by car, make sure you bring along a supportive pillow for your neck and back. All of these precautions will help stave off neck and back pain.

Fun times with family and friends don’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be everything you’ve ever imagined — and more! After my surgery at Laser Spine Institute, my friends and family quickly noticed that I was able to participate in many of my favorite activities like paddle boarding and kayaking with them again. Because of the relief I found at Laser Spine Institute, I was able to celebrate my 30th birthday at Disney and ride roller coasters with my nieces and nephews — one of my most cherished memories.

So don’t miss out on another adventure, call Laser Spine Institute today and find out if you’re a candidate for their minimally invasive spine procedures. Fun times are waiting. The only thing missing is you!


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